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City slick, designer body, with EasyGlide(R), the Cyclone Hart is designer luggage to be proud of. Stand out the way you were born to!

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EasyGlide(R) Motion with high quality 360 degree rotational wheels, allow the Cyclone Flo to move and steer with ease and minimal effort. The Flo is TRUE 2 OR 4 Wheel mode luggage thats built to last.

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Cyclone Don Polycarbonate 4 Wheel Luggage exceeds expectations in every aspect.

Only the highest quality parts are used, and each case is constructed to perfection.  It goes without saying, then, that build quality is impeccable.

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Cyclone Iris trolley case is a feast for the hand as well as the eye! Making light work of travelling anywhere, it's your first choice where weight is of paramount concern.

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Unbreakable Luggage! Only from Cyclone London!

A new era in quality and price point for hard-wearing luggage has dawned, with the birth of Cyclone Zeus!

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